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Grande-Bretagne, Association of Art Historians

Notice révisée le 09/08/2013
Cette association professionnelle, née en 1974, a été fondée pour promouvoir et aider les études en histoire de l’art, conçue au sens large. Elle regroupe à la fois les étudiants, les enseignants, les personnels scientifiques des musées et des chercheurs indépendants (que l’on peut retrouver par mot-clés dans le répertoire en ligne). Le site présente les multiples activités de cette association ainsi que son fonctionnement. La liste des liens en ligne est particulièrement utile pour les arts visuels, le cinéma, la photographie et l’art contemporain.

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  • > Visualizing Visions | Exploring the Rijksmuseum dataset

    | Floor Koeleman discusses her PhD project Visualizing Visions, which focuses on the use of digital tools for art historical research | As an art historian I look at the past, but today I will look at the future. What innovative methods and techniques can be used for art historical research? This question is central to […]

  • > Art history and me

    | Naomi Daw is a PhD researcher in Art History at the University of Sussex and also the Society Coordinator for the University’s Art History Society. In this latest edition of ‘Art History and Me’ Naomi explains how it was her love of travel and popular culture that sparked her interest in studying art history […]

  • > Making Connections

    This summer we worked with colleagues from the University of Leeds to develop a ground-breaking residential course for art teachers to engage with art history. The Plan + Prepare + Provide art teachers residential at the School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies was the first of a new strand of projects […]

  • > The Easel Initiative

    The Easel Initiative | A New Platform For The Arts By Founder, Charlotte Maxwell. It is always a strange feeling returning to your old school. A heady mix of nostalgia, the feeling that you never left and a barrage of memories you had totally forgotten flooding back all at once. It is a simultaneously lovely […]

  • > Art history and me

    | Penny Wickson, Chair of the Association for Art History Schools Group | Given my family background it may not seem surprising that I should have studied art history at university. My father read History and was a Headmaster and my mother became a textile artist after leaving her job as a medical secretary to […]

  • > The physician’s folding almanac: a misnomer of the medievalist?

    | Amy Moore, University of York | Extract from the winning entry of the Association for Art History’s Undergraduate Dissertation Prize 2016. In November 2013, the Wellcome Library acquired a small folding manuscript, MS 8932. Previously unknown to scholars, this private manuscript was sold as a ‘folding almanac’, becoming one of 29 known folding astrological […]

  • > Home, exile and the politics of belonging

    Artists and speakers from across the world explored the experiences of exile and belonging in relation to art in this session, ‘Home, exile and the politics of belonging’, at the Association’s 2017 Annual Conference. Here’s a snapshot of this session. Joel Robinson (The Open University, UK) opened the morning session, with his paper Exhibiting the […]

  • > New era for art history

    We believe that art history and visual culture inspires people to think differently and see differently. We’ve reflected this belief through the development of a strong and innovative visual design, reconsidered our use of tone and language, and opted for a name that clearly states that we are for art history. It is a belief […]

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